29th August 2017

Creative Writing

Shadows that are cold, dim and secretive inclose you into the hidden alleyway. These messy graffiti filled walls are the only ones that know the truth. Splattered across the painfully dirty ground is drops of ruby-red the only colour that stands out in the moon lit night. Lying uncomfortable still is the body. Her bright blue hazed over eyes open, you can see the innocence within them. Long brown hair strays uncontrollable in every foreseen direction. She silently questions your actions. The cold hard truth hits freezing your shivering body. Thoughts drowned by the toxicity of your decisions. Gasoline fills your insides eating at your fear, they wait for a flame to set them ablaze. Your head is left spinning as you gaze upon the lifeless figure.

Listen. The hard rubber of worn out tyres screech on the tough road. Outbursts of uncontrollable laughter come from drunken women stumbling down the rubbish filled path. Every sound leaves you cautiously checking that your secret hasn’t been let out to any late night walkers. Patches of clean silver left on the knife gleam like the stars in the untouched night sky. It lies where it was thoughtless dropped from your uncontrollably shaking hands. Unfriendly garbage scents find their way to your already clogged airways, leaving a disgusting taste left lingering. You are trapped within these walls they seem to get closer and closer, suffocating you until you can’t find a breath to take.

It is winter in the desolate city. Smoke puffs as you exhale an uneasily heavy breath. Chill reaches back and strangles your raw throat. The same throat that allows lies to slip from within you. Lies that will hide your ugly secret. She doesn’t feel the bitter freeze, you took that away from her, all of her feelings have been stripped away, un-rightfully taken never to return. The only brightness that allows you to be exposed flickers from the limp street lamps. Revealing you only for 5 seconds at time, just short enough to keep you hidden within the walls. Animals prowl leaving you on edge every time they sneak up.

Look. Rundown businesses. Crime always seeking its next victim as you seek yours. Thoughts that a wicked act was ready to strike at any moment on these bad luck ridden streets, were always kept a hush under the breaths of suspicious neighbours. But now these are no longer just thoughts. They should be swept out from within their lungs, to strip you from your undeserved cover.  Wild sirens scream into the now deadly silent night. As every second ticks past the sound becomes clearer along with the realisation that your secret is no longer caged in. They are coming for you. Poor efforts to coverup the brutal remains gives the evidence they need. Heart pumping dangerously fast, pounding against your bare chest.

And still you stood, cemented to the ground, legs unable to help you escape under the weight of your decisions. In that moment you will never be hidden from your wrongful mistake.





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  1. Millie, well done on getting underway.

    Look for ways to make your sentences flow better. It is very listed at the moment. Think about how to develop those complex sentences through rearranging your opening words.

    Think about the preposition task we did in class- how can you add to the dimensions of your scene?

    Watch your technical accuracy.


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